Krishna Stott – Interactive Story Creator – Director, Writer, Producer, Speaker and Consultant

  • 1968Born

    I was born a Shropshire Lad in 1968 and grew up obsessing about music and films. My first love aged 7 years old was a tape recorder and I used it to document and replay the best bits of my world.

  • 1995 - 200813,000 hrs

    Between 1995 and 2008 I logged approximately 13,000 hours creating interactive story games, networked story prototypes and innovative online experiences. I got my interactive work shown internationally, filled a book of useful contacts and developed some extraordinary techniques for audience engagement.

  • 2008Oscars of the Internet

    In 2008 my interactive film “Crimeface” won 2 Webby Awards (Oscars of the Internet) and due to escalating interest from UK broadcasters in my work I started Bellyfeel.

  • 2008 to nowCompelling Interactive Stories

    Since then most of my waking moments have been taken up developing, producing and consulting to create compelling interactive stories and unforgettable user experiences.

I deliver talks, workshops and training around the world at Media Festivals.

Krishna Stott

Set The Storyworld To Random

I published my first book in 2015, called “Set the Storyworld to Random”, and I’m writing another one – details here…

My Other Site

I have another site where you can read a bit more about me, if you haven’t had enough already… 🙂