Our Work - Bellyfeel

In depth case study:

To get a sense of the way we work you can read this case study about the award winning Transmedia storygame - Bolton Storyworld by clicking the button below.

Ongoing project:

And as we often have our own R&D projects running, you can take a look at our latest live real-time storytelling events on chat in the Secret Story Network.

Why interactive storytelling ?

The ability to show more than one side to a story… to explore truth and fiction at a deeper level… to allow the audience to take some initiative in the story which bonds them to the drama in a magnetic way.

Fortuitously, this approach also matches the proliferation of new devices, networks and technology at our disposal as storytelling platforms.

Previous Work


Interactive Podcast

And most recently we have been working on a very exciting interactive podcast for StoryPunk productions…


Story Games

Continuing the work with the University of Wolverhampton and developing the Secret Story Network, we also got to write and develop more interactive storygames.


New E-Learning Projects

There were new interactive E-Learning projects with the University of Wolverhampton and the European Partnership.


European Partnerships

We worked with Merseyside Expanding Horizons on a few of their European partnership projects.


Smartphone Stories

And this led us to win another innovation competition with the BBC,, which resulted in a commission to create an interactive smartphone story.

Story Games

As part of our own R&D we developed a small number of interactive story games.


Red Branch Heroes

It’s always a pleasure working with Anna Zaluczkowska and we created a very experimental social reality experiment for her PHD project, Red Branch Heroes.

Aerospace App Development

We also built a business development app for the Aerospace supply chain with the same team.


More Sign Media

Our work with University of Wolverhampton led to new e-Learning projects aimed at the deaf, within a European partnership.

Geo-Location Apps & Projects

Geolocative technology and stories kept us busy with projects for Salford University and a recruitment app for Edge Hill University.


Rock and Roll

We continued working for bands that we liked – I Am Kloot and Elbow.


Interactive Storytelling for Kids

We worked again for the BBC as part of the Digital Fiction Factory, prototyping interactive storytelling for kids and developing a multiplatform delivery system for transmedia stories.


University of Wolverhampton

Then we won a bid to create some interactive story based E-Learning for Deaf Media professionals with the University of Wolverhampton.


The Alexander Wilson Project

Our own follow up to Crimeface soon followed, The Alexander Wilson Project, a transmedia thriller.


People’s Stories

From there we worked on Terence Davies “Of Time and the City” and as a multiplatform addon to the film we developed an online community for Hurricane Films – “People’s Stories”.



The first thing that happened when Bellyfeel formed was winning a BBC IPTV Innovation competition at MIPTV in Cannes 2008, which led to a contract developing prototypes.


Interactive Movies

Bellyfeel’s inception was the result of Krishna Stott’s interactive film, Crimeface, released in 2007 (which won a double web Oscar at the Webby Awards).

Hitch or Hunch?

Prior to that Krishna had spent 10 years creating numerous innovative interactive story projects that were exhibited internationally or released online including Interface feature Barry Adamson.


There was also the unusual (and interactive) video for I Am Kloot’s Proof featuring Christopher Eccleston which picked up millions of views on Youtube.

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