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“Ok, but what is it actually like working with Bellyfeel?”

Bellyfeel Personnel

Krishna Stott

Creative Lead and Managing Director

I was born a Shropshire Lad in 1968 and grew up obsessing about music and films. My first love aged 7 years old was a tape recorder and I used it to document and replay the best bits of my world.

Between 1995 and 2008 I logged approximately 13,000 hours creating interactive story games, networked story prototypes and innovative online experiences. I got my interactive work shown internationally, filled a book of useful contacts and developed some extraordinary techniques for audience engagement.

Since 2008 most of my waking moments have been taken up developing, producing and consulting to create compelling interactive stories and unforgettable user experiences at Bellyfeel.

I also deliver talks and training around the world at Media Festivals.

More about me here

Lee Robinson

Writer and Researcher

Ok, a quick bio… I’m a Sci-Fi nerd, comic book and video game geek and all round Transmedia Fanatic… Oh, and I also have a 1st degree in Media, Writing and Production…  And my name is Lee.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when a great story allows you to ‘step in’ and engage with it on an interactive level. When it moves beyond the barriers of a single platform and reaches the audience in a multitude of ways.

Joseph Adams


I’m a programmer and implementer of things. I program full stack and games. I have a Bachelors degree in Programming and a Masters degree in Games Development, this basically means I spend my time taking plans and ideas and turning them into interactive whatsits that happen on various types of screen.

I’ve had a long-standing interest in telling stories in various forms, this led me to both artistic and musical hobbies and eventually a career in programming which allows the combination of all forms of storytelling and the creation of entirely new ones.

A brief history of Bellyfeel

Bellyfeel was set up in Manchester by Krishna Stott in 2007.

The driving force of the company has always been to connect new forms of interactive content between modern audiences, new networks and traditional organisations.

In the first year of business we won 2 Webby Awards (Oscars of the internet) for our interactive multiplatform film, Crimeface and also won a competition at MIP TV Cannes to develop IPTV applications for the BBC.

Following on, we picked up a variety of long term clients, successfully producing ground-breaking interactive projects and media innovations on an international and local scale.

We continue to produce work at the cutting edge of media and education and now also translate our practical experience, expert knowledge and up to date intel into a series of publications, collaborations and consultancy.

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