Testimonials - Bellyfeel


Roy Boulter

Producer - Hurricane Films – Client for 10 years

Bellyfeel’s Transmedia consultancy allowed us to get an additional 20% on top of the production budget for the feature film “Of Time And The City” which was then used to create engaging Transmedia content that reached hundreds of thousands of people

Louis Neethling

Louis Neethling – TV and Film Director – Client for 8 years

I have worked with Bellyfeel on a number of interactive and e-Learning projects. Krishna has an excellent eye for detail and certainly understands target audiences. He and his team at Bellyfeel simplify complex issues and always offer creative solutions for outstanding results.

Alex Fenton

Senior Technical Developer, University of Salford – Previous Client

The University have worked with Bellyfeel for three years in a number of collaborations and projects. One of our most recent projects was Onlocation, a transmedia, geo-location tool for students to be able to showcase their media stories in various ways. Bellyfeel’s expertise was invaluable in helping to deliver this innovative project which has proved to be an excellent resource for teaching, learning and research. Bellyfeel brought real world experience, knowledge and understanding to help shape this successful project that was delivered on time and on budget. Universities can be complex to work with, but Bellyfeel were a real pleasure to work with, quickly understanding our needs and delivering a result that exceeded our expectations.

Christian Nommay

Creator, Writer and Producer Titan Effect (Free Consult)

Bellyfeel gave me valuable advice to effectively use social media to promote my project and how to allow the audience to interact with my story. Krishna Stott and his team are passionate and they have a perfect understanding of what Transmedia is.

Stacey Robinson

Psychologist/Programme Manager - Merseyside Expanding Horizons – Client for 2 years

My favourite things about working with Bellyfeel are their creativity, their flexibility, their ability to understand a project out of context with a limited information to inform or guide them on how to proceed. Their communication was impeccable. They were very timely. They consulted at critical points, which meant that we had the opportunity to shape the final product. They consistently checked in with us to ensure that we were happy with the way things were progressing.

Sol Papadopoulos

Creative Director - Hurricane Films – Client for 15 years

Bellyfeel really focus in on the magical elements of a Film or TV idea that make it compelling and they have a knack of translating that magic successfully across to new media platforms.

Mark Smith

Senior lecturer in media at Liverpool John Moores University – Client for 5 years

Krishna brings a tangible reality and enthusiasm, wrought from real world practice, which is essential for our students who may shortly embark on similar adventures. His talk was significant in helping students profoundly understand, that aesthetics and story remain as primary tools for engaging an audience, even in our multi-stranded and multi-distracted context.

David Crellin

Actor/ Director/ Writer – E-Course Feedback

I am enjoying the emails, they do feel inclusive and positive. Like punk rock it made me feel I could do it.

Philip Shotton

Producer and Director – Rising Tide Productions – Client for 12 years

We had Bellyfeel consult to us over a 2 year period while we made two feature films. Using their Storyworld Development Techniques saved us time and stress - - and above all else, money. They helped us create a compelling storyworld which housed the two films and a bunch of great multiplatform content (cheaply) to promote the film and get an audience behind us.

David Sefton

Solicitor and Owner of Skinny Dog Records – Client for 5 years

Easy, helpful, quick… and responsive. You pick up the phone really quickly and always give a simple straightforward answer. You actually do as you say you’re going to – which I think is a rarity my own experience. I had a couple of little extra bits and pieces – you didn’t walk away saying “Right I’m done, I’m paid, thanks, there you go”. I said “I’m not sure about this, I’ve got a couple of questions while I’m finding my way” – and you were on the phone straight away and helped me out.

Sam Hope

Director - Institute of Media Arts at the University of Wolverhampton - Client for 10 years

Bellyfeel is an exciting company to work with; flexible in their approach they implemented innovative solutions to meet the target audience. Bellyfeel’s input has been significant in helping our consortium of partners from UK, Italy and Austria achieve its goals.

Rebecca Winwood

On-Site Participation Manager for Lawrence Batley Theatre – New Client

What initially made me want to contact you is a lot of the digital stuff that we were putting together was quite passive. So I loved the fact that the Secret Story Network stuff was a way of people being able to interact, as opposed to just watching something. I also love the fact that it was a way of being with a group of people again during the 2020 lockdown. People were able to talk and problem solve and be creative together, at the same time while not having to be in the same room. I was constantly amazed at the quality of the materials in terms of the posters and the videos every week. Thank you for being so willing to come in. Really quick off the mark as well. It was perfect timing.

John Bramwell

Singer and Songwriter (I Am Kloot) – Client for 20 years

Krish and Bellyfeel have worked for me for many years. Web, email, videos and interactive stuff that keeps me in the right sort of contact with my audience. Love your work guys!

Madia Hill

Creator/Producer - Winnienoah Productions (Free Consult)

The free consultancy session I had with Krishna was excellent. I'll admit. I was a little sceptical but I was so impressed with the amount of information provided. You genuinely cared about sharing what you've learned with me, guided me in the right direction and it didn't turn into a sales call- which "free sessions" usually turn into. Thank you for the strategies and tactics you provided during our session. It definitely helped me get my project ready for taking to the next stage of development and funding. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who like me needs some guidance for a transmedia project.

Helen Sargeant

Principal Lecturer Commercial Income and Entrepreneurship University of Wolverhampton - Client for 6 years

Bellyfeel always deliver stuff on time, they’re easy to work with, there’s clear communication, (you can just pick up the phone and have a conversation without everything having to be formal through email) and they deliver high quality products and solutions.

Marlene Hilzensauer

Head of the Center for Sign Language and Deaf Communication – Alpen-Adria-Universitaet Klagenfurt – Client for 7 years

The web app for the "SignMedia SMART" sign language glossary for media production was developed by Bellyfeel. They turned the partners' ideas into a user-friendly web app that is also very visually-oriented for the deaf target group. Working with Bellyfeel has been a real pleasure; all the work was done more than expertly and promptly and the communication with them was very easy indeed. We are sincerely hoping to work on further projects with them in the future.

John M. Demers

Creator, Executive Producer – Rusty Bucket Kids Show – Previous Client

Bellyfeel demonstrated in their report to our production more than one way to help.  Bellyfeel helped us in two ways: Firstly in defining TheRustyBucketKids.com Storyworld creatively. And secondly Krish wrote a report that argued the Multiplatform and Transmedia production case we wanted to present to funders for TheRustyBucketKids.com. The report was integrated into our business plan and that plan has helped us raise 50% of the $.5m budget we need in the last 21 days.

Mark Ashurst

Director of Leaders Bureau

Krish is a truly rare combination of iconoclast and collaborator. An original thinker whose ideas are untrammelled by convention, with the hands-on pragmatism to make co-creation work. His input makes your ideas clearer and better, taking a digital vision further and deeper than you ever anticipated. The depth of his understanding of interactive storytelling is phenomenal. He’s a pioneer. We’ve worked on many and varied projects, from storyboards to performance cinema to policy innovation in the global development and the circular economy. Krish doesn’t rush to judgement, he’s a careful student of systems and context, but his antennae are always fine-tuned to the audience and medium. He’s tireless, not relentless – and down to earth, which makes him hugely rewarding to work with. My experience spanning almost 20 years is that any idea, campaign, product or vision will be more effective with Krish and Bellyfeel on board.

Patricia Rodrigues

Producer – Connecting Cat (Free Consult)

I appreciated your input on the project, and I thank you both very much. The storyworld development surgery really helped me with the challenges I am facing. Both you and Lee gave me food for thought. Since the project is still at the development stage, I have the space to improve and change some key issues such as narrowing down the use of the platforms. You pinpointed the strengths but also gave me strategies on how I could optimize the workflow. For a newbie like me, it was precious information. You also helped me put things into perspective - it is no use using an interactive video if it can't run in all devices! In a short amount of time, you were able to provide valuable feedback using a straight to the core approach. Thank you for your suggestions. The timing couldn't be better.

Mary Jolley

Project Manager - University of Wolverhampton – Client for 5 years

You always deliver what we need, you're always really flexible and open to ideas, and then interpret those ideas in a very practical way that works. What you do is bring to life what can be quite random and meandering discussions between a lot of disparate people. But then actually turn that into reality, a very practical reality.

Anna Zaluczkowska

Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for BA Filmmaking - Northern Film School - Client for 12 years

Krishna is the leading interactive story creator working in the UK at the moment. Working with him and Bellyfeel is always exciting, they are a perceptive, creative thinking, challenging and talented group of people, open to new ideas and who have their finger on the pulse of digital developments. Work with them if you get the chance!