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5 Powerful Social Secrets That Will Attract Viewers To Your TV Show
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Last year I set out to discover the secrets of Social TV – this crazy new area of media that was exploding with audience activity and massive numbers of engagement.

But there was nothing out there of any use!

Everyone was talking ABOUT it. But no one was talking about HOW TO make this mix of TV and Social Media achieve positive results.

So here at Bellyfeel we began researching. We analysed information gathered from 1,500 TV broadcasts and their surrounding social media activity. Over time certain patterns emerged. Clear indications of success and failure could be traced to certain key activities.

When social activity gets REALLY BUSY – it’s like you can smell the dry heat coming off the keyboard. Not a second goes by without an alert..,. ping ping ping!


Hacking TV with Social Media

The highest volume on Twitter for 2015’s Super Bowl yielded 395,000 tweets per minute (6,500 tweets per second). Twitter, 2015

The result of our research is some extremely powerful data.

We have organised this data into a number of fundamental lessons, techniques and tips.

If you are a producer, show runner or app builder who wants to implement successful Social TV, then you don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn these Social TV PowerTips.

The Social TV PowerTips v2 are Short:

• Easy to read
• Quick to get implementing
• You can start attracting a modern audience to your TV show straight away
• You continue to stay on top of your game
• You are doing what you do best – making GREAT TV!

Instant Digital Delivery:

• No waiting
• You can implement immediately and get quantifiable results
• You can stay at the forefront of the media business

You don’t get in on the ground floor with Social Media. The audience always beats you to it. It’s more like catching the Tiger by the tail and not letting go… then you find your balance!

These PowerTips wrote themselves. When you spend time researching and analysing modern TV and Social success stories, you find a bunch of stuff that works across the board. And that’s what these PowerTips are.

1,500 Social TV shows dissected and filed into 5 powerful techniques you can use immediately.

Do you want to learn about the fastest growing area of modern media?

At Last! Television and Social Media Get It Together

My own experiences of working with disruptive modern audiences in the worlds of social and interactive couldn’t prepare me for the sheer amount of numbers coming out of Social TV campaigns.

I have co-run social media campaigns that have been busy as hell – posts and responses coming in every second – too fast to read them all…

But Social TV is way bigger…

The season finale of Empire alone generated 2.39 million tweets across 497,000 unique authors generating 112 million Twitter TV impressions. Nielsen, 2015


STOP! And Imagine the Relief When Twitter Goes Crazy Over Your TV Show

Social TV Powertips give you:

• Affordable expert advice
• Save money compared to more expensive reports
• You reduce overheads and the need for expensive consultants and agencies
• Your operation gets leaner and you stay in control

Up To Date:

• You get the latest data
• You don’t need to relearn everything
• Take what you need, implement and keep on doing what you’re good at
• You maintain your edge, keep earning that salary and keep providing value to the commissioners

Don’t Just Get Online With Your Show – Get Social!

Chatter on Social Media reaches deafening peaks – you already have that steady on-going buzz going on in the background but then the peaks come almost without warning. KABOOM! Where are they coming from – is it the onscreen CTA? No! It’s so loud I can’t think straight! It’s Joey C in Ipswich uploading his meme pics – they’re going around like wildfire… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr…


In 2014 the Brit Awards broke the record for the most tweeted about live UK TV broadcast with a total of 4,147,936 in 3 hours and 15 minutes. An average of 355 tweets per Second. SecondSync, 2014


I Want The PowerTips NOW!

It costs £75 for instant access to the Social TV PowerTips.

These PowerTips consist of 1,500 Social TV shows ripped apart and boiled down into 5 powerful techniques you can use straight away.


If you commissioned this report independently from Bellyfeel, it would’ve taken over a month of man-hours and cost thousands of pounds.

So why £75?

We think it’s valuable data – and we know we’ll sell quite a few of these. And when you get successful results from them you will be back to do more business with them.

Our mission is to save the future of storytelling from big dumb companies, middle management buffoons and minor celebrity tittle-tattle.

Plus there’s a Double No-Trouble Zero Risk Guarantee

30 day satisfaction guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied in any way with the content then you can get your money back with no questions asked within 30 days.

90 day implementation guarantee.

If you use any 2 of these PowerTips on your show and do not get positive results then you can get your money back within 90 days.



Do I Need These Social TV PowerTips?

These Powertips are for you if you have a show on TV you can apply them to – or you are planning a Social TV campaign – or if you want to discover what makes a successful Social TV show.

If you don’t want to spend a penny on getting to grips with the new world of media then this isn’t for you!

These are proven techniques from the big US and UK TV broadcasts: Sports, Music, Drama and Reality Shows.

My company and I have a 20 year track record in interactive and social media. We are Webby Award winners and BBC sub-contractors – plus we have a large amount of experience in traditional Film and TV.

If your point of view on this is: “We make TV – we don’t do social” – you’re too old school for us and we don’t want to do business with you.

If you’re forward thinker, you know that you will always do better business if you’re prepared and go to commissioners with plans in place from a knowledgeable position – Social TV is happening now – just look at the stats.

Social TV is the hottest thing on both sides of the Atlantic.

If you don’t think your show is suitable for Social TV – the PowerTips will help you to decide this.

Look at the data of where the ad money is going – it’s ALL about digital spend – so TV audience eyeballs are on social as much as they are in front of the TV.

If you think this information is too cheap? Check the content with NO RISK – if you think the content is no good then come and get your money back within 30 days.

Actually we believe you’ll be back, to do more business with us.

My name is Krishna Stott. I run a company in Manchester UK called Bellyfeel. We are dedicated to helping media companies and individual projects multiply the size of their audience and increase revenue using new devices and platforms.

I have a 20-year track record of success for myself, Bellyfeel and our clients in interactive media. I work on many social and interactive projects every year; I also consult on other people’s projects and run talks and workshops around the world at media festivals.

“Bellyfeel really focus in on the magical elements of a Film or TV idea that make it compelling and they have a knack of translating that magic successfully across to new media platforms.”Sol Papadopoulos – Creative Director – Hurricane Films – Client for 10 years


“Amazing knowledge and practical skills. They make it easy to understand. Using technology to deliver a story can be very complicated but Bellyfeel keep it simple and always deliver what they say they will.”Jonathan Bhalla – Research Manager – Africa Research Institute – Client for 7 years


“Bellyfeel gave me valuable advice to effectively use social media to promote my project and how to allow the audience to interact with my story. Krishna Stott and his team are passionate and they have a perfect understanding of what Transmedia is.”Christian Nommay – Creator, Writer and Producer Titan Effect


Social TV PowerTips v2 £75