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What Every Media Producer Should Know About Modern Audiences – in 140 pages…

I totally and utterly believe that working in Transmedia and Interactive Storytelling is the most exciting job in the world.

Do you agree?

When you run a successful project it’s like nothing else on earth – on top of the triumph of telling a good story – you are responsible for doing so in a way that has often never been done before.


You make a piece of history!

But as with all creative endeavours – it can go flat – and at worst, horribly wrong.

Over 20 years I documented the problems I encountered in multiplatform development and production. By analysing the mistakes made on many high profile gigs I have been able to create a set of techniques and strategies to avoid them.

Thankfully they work!

Want to see?

How to Connect with Modern Transmedia Audiences

This is what I’ve written about in my book – Set the Storyworld to Random, How to Connect with Modern Transmedia Audiences.


“Savvy, on the money and a good read too.”

Philip Shotton, Film Director, Producer & Writer


The info in this book is the same as I give out on real consultancy jobs. It is “in the trenches” hard won information from many live transmedia and interactive projects.

I have been creating interactive stories, multiplatform media and transmedia projects for 20 years. In that time I have won international awards, helped clients raise their required investments, delivered their stories, increased the size of their audience and made money from new devices and platforms.

Those are my skills – and they are in short supply. I am VERY busy.


Why this book? Why now?

It was obvious from comments on websites, reviews on Amazon, surveys undertaken and feedback from my own clients that there was a lack of useable information about this exciting new area of media where vast audiences are marshalled and new kinds of business are producing profits.

So I wanted to put on paper a set of easy to read, simple to implement; strategies, techniques and tricks. Things you could use straight away to get better results on your projects.

This is 100% practical based – from developing ideas, to raising money, to writing, producing and delivering to an audience across new devices and platforms.


“Inclusive and positive. Like punk rock it made me feel I could do it.”

David Crellin, Actor & Filmmaker

Big Problems to Solve:

Number 1 – is the industry problem – new technology and new audience behaviour.

New technology has changed everything – apart from the fact that people still love a good story.

Social has ripped through traditional media businesses making mincemeat of them. Mobile has changed the game again.

Audiences are very different in their media consumption habits today.

Number 2 – is the “wanna-be” transmedia producer problem – the one who writes a how-to book after one project – the how to and advice books out there currently are not that good and are often written by people who have little or no practical experience in the field. I have produced over 50 interactive and transmedia story campaigns in the last 20 years. And I continue to work on 3 or 4 projects every year.


“Krishna Stott gives us pearls of wisdom in his collection of blogs grown from tried and tested experience. His analysis of what is coming at us in the world of media production is supported with extensive analysis and practical experience of the workings of transmedia and interactive practice.”

Anna Zaluczkowska, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader for BA Filmmaking at Northern Film School


Not only is this book full of actionable ideas and techniques – you can also get a piece of me – for free.


Free Pitch Critique for Transmedia, Multiplatform and Interactive Projects

  • Have you got a killer Transmedia story ready to roll?
  • Are you ready to get investment? Finance?
  • Do you know what the money guys and media companies are looking for?

Neither do THEY – most of the time.

One thing is true.

You need your pitch to stand out.

It needs to hit them between the eyes, sell the thing and not hang around too long.

I’ve helped write pitches and proposals for clients that have raised well over £1 million investment – and this number goes up year by year.


Owners of this book are entitled to 1 free project pitch critique from me. This is worth £468.75 if you want to pay for it – or you can buy this book and get it for free!


Why a free critique?

I want to meet the next generation of storytellers and media entrepreneurs – and that’s you I presume?

I certainly hope so.

Bellyfeel’s Transmedia consultancy allowed us to get an additional 20% on top of the production budget for the feature film “Of Time And The City” which was then used to create engaging Transmedia content that reached hundreds of thousands of people.

Roy Boulter

Roy Boulter – Producer – Hurricane Films – Client for 8 years


Picture this – you just soft launched your story to a small section of your audience. Your email is pinging off the hook. Social profiles are going crazy with action. You’ve barely got time to think.

What is going on here?

This is the sound of success.

Time to turn the notifications off and ramp this up some more.

You have a hit on your hands. Are you ready for this?

Learn more about how to develop and produce successful interactive transmedia projects in Set the Storyworld to Random.


Here’s a sample from the book:


How Film and TV Producers Can Expand Their Business by Knowing Modern Audience Behaviour

Joe Strummer sang ‘Know Your Rights’.

Stanislavski wrote ‘Know Your Characters’.

Today, I say, ‘Know Your Audience’.

Know You’re a Punter

You might be a high-ranking media mogul, top TV talent, full-fledged film wiz or masterful game guru, but if you’re not a punter in your own heart, how can you get into the hearts and minds of your audience?

You’re a punter, I’m a punter, we’re all punters. Knowing this is MASSIVELY IMPORTANT!

You Know Better?

You’re dealing with a very different crowd today.

The audience HAS changed. Yep, they still want the same things deep down, but their eyes, ears, minds and hands are busy using new technology.

The audience for stories and entertainment used to be a passive bunch. Captive to the viewing screens, they had limited options in the glare of your TV show or film. A remote control gave TV viewers the edge over filmgoers (whose only option was to walk out), but even so, the remote control only allowed you to switch to another channel.

Technology has changed all that. The Internet and following waves of cultural change, such as social and mobile, have been like bombs going off in the media industry.

They Know Better

Now, the remote control in your hand is a phone, and it controls more than your TV…


Find out how you can use your own fandom to dramatically increase engagement with your audience in this new book…

How to Connect with Modern Transmedia Audiences

Buy it here!

Bellyfeel gave me valuable advice to effectively use social media to promote my project and how to allow the audience to interact with my story. Krishna Stott and his team are passionate and they have a perfect understanding of what Transmedia is.

Christian Nommay

Christian Nommay – Creator, Writer and Producer Titan Effect


Thanks for reading.



Krishna Stott

PS – If you’re still asking yourself; “How do I find straight up practical info from someone who knows what it going down in the modern media business to make money and reach an audience?”

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