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What is interactive storytelling?

As you travel down the road of life, you will often find yourself in places where there are many options and opportunities.
Imagine telling that story using media allowing you to amplify that feeling of choice. Or conversely, in the spirit of great drama your choices become less and less until you only have two choices, then one, which means you have no choice at all.
(Here is where the great storyteller exacerbates the situation making that lack of choice a great agony which can be prolonged for the inevitable or cut short for the shocking!)
You could say that all stories are interactive…

Interactive Storytelling (in the form of games, social media and advertising) amounted to £320 billion* of global turnover in 2022


Interactive storytelling isn’t just about choice within the story

What about HOW you access the story?
How the story becomes ever more real to you through personalisation.
Or contributing your own ideas and media to a grand shared narrative journey?
There are many flavours of interactive storytelling and each has exciting and different ways for the audience to be more deeply involved with the story as it unfolds.

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