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  • 5% of all doctor visits will be conducted via video conference by the end of 2021.

    Deloitte 2021

  • More companies will migrate to the cloud between 2021 and 2025; expected growth rate to average about 30%.

    Deloitte 2021

  • 40% of Salesforce employees said they would quit if required to return to the office for more than half of their week.

    On Blind 2021

  • YouTube’s gross US Connected TV (CTV) ad revenues are expected to reach $2.89 billion for 2020, accounting for more than one-third (35.7%) of total US CTV ad spending. By 2022, YouTube’s US CTV ad revenues will reach $5.45 billion, and its share of US CTV ad spending will increase slightly to 38.7%.

    eMarketer 2020

  • 41.7 million adults in the US will use telemedicine, representing 98.8% growth from a year prior, according to our latest estimates.

    eMarketer 2020

  • The gaming industry spent $45 million in advertising during the first two weeks in November, an 80% YoY increase, with Sony leading the pack as they pushed the new PlayStation 5 unit. Sony, alone, spend $15 million, 3x as much as competitor Microsoft (Xbox) spent during their launch of the new Xbox Series X unit.

    MediaRadar 2020

  • 30% of event planners say said they would execute virtual-only in lieu of in-person events in 2021, versus 42% who said a hybrid approach, which included a face-to-face program with a virtual element, would be their strategy.

    614 Group 2020

  • 67.9% of US marketers with 100 or more employees will use influencers for paid or unpaid brand partnerships in 2021.

    eMarketer 2020

  • Streaming grew 400% during the second quarter of 2020 and revenue per subscriber increased by nearly half (42%) even as membership growth rates slowed by about one-third (30%).

    Zuora 2020

  • 11% of respondents across 12 countries said they used Instagram for news — almost doubling what it was in 2018 — compared to the 12% who said they turn to Twitter for news.

    Reuters Digital News Report 2020

  • People increased their app usage by 25% YoY. This increase is usage is also increasing revenue of mobile brands.

    Global Market Index Ranking Report 2020

  • This year, the number of Gen Z smart wearable users in the UAS will grow by nearly 17% to 12.8 million.

    eMarketer 2020

  • Even at the height of the pandemic, many US adults still unplugged from their devices.

    CivicScience 2020

  • 48% of social consumers say they're increasing their entertainment usage of social, 55% are looking to social to educate them on current events.

    Sprout Social 2020

  • 55% of people want brands to institute actual plans to support social matters and a commitment to justice and other goals

    Sprout Social 2020

  • 42% of people say they will buy from competitors if brands are not 'true to their commitments'

    Sprout Social 2020

  • 29% say they will boycott brands who don't stand by their initiatives.

    Sprout Social 2020

  • Half of US adults are playing games via their mobile devices at least daily, and their favourites are strategy, word and puzzle games.

    AdColony and DISQO 2020

  • 65% of those with household incomes over the $250,000/year mark play at least daily.

    AdColony and DISQO 2020

  • 78% of both men and women are playing mobile games.

    AdColony and DISQO 2020

  • 62% increase in time spent on gaming apps since March and the coronavirus lockdown.

    AdColony and DISQO 2020

  • 48% of UK and 35% of North American consumers want social justice content.

    Influenster 2020

  • New data out from LiveIntent finds that about 80% of advertisers have increased their digital ad budgets during the pandemic, while DataVisor's new report finds that fraudsters increased their digital attacks by more than 100% during the same time period.

    Bizreport 2020

  • 91% of consumers say retailers' reputations for privacy influence their buying decisions;
    they further found that more than two-thirds (68%) of consumers have stopping shopping retailers who have been involved in data breaches.

    Ensono 2020

  • We estimate that there will be 169.6 million subscription OTT video service users in Western Europe this year, a 15.6% increase from 2019.

    eMarketer 2020

  • The proportion of kids ages 5 to 10 and 11 to 13 using electronic devices for over 4 hours a day had more than doubled during the pandemic. Among those ages 14 to 17, the figure had nearly doubled.

    Ipsos and GMAC 2020

  • Every year in China, Singles’ Day (also known as 11/11) gets bigger, both in terms of sales and reach. In 2019, the day's gross merchandise volume (GMV) across platforms in China reached $59.34 billion, up 400% in 5 years.

    Ban and Company 2020